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My last novel, Unfailing Love, dealt with choices the protagonist made in her life and how they impacted her life. I am posting a portion of the epilogue regarding her choices. This book was written in first person, therefore, these are the words of Lucy… Epilogue “Because…

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Memories of a Godly Grandmother

My earliest recollection of my Grandmother Harrill goes back to about 1948. There was a picture of a guardian angel hovering over two little children crossing a treacherous body of water on a rickety bridge hanging high on the beadboard wall in her sitting room….

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He still calms storms!

All of North and South Carolina is hunkered down for the upcoming hurricane…lest we forget the past…Hugo and Hazel. Our beautiful states were blasted with winds, tornados, and rain like we had never seen before. It was like being trapped in a cage with…

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The End of an Era and What Followed…

It was 1946…World War II was over, and a new era began in America…the year of the “war babies” or the “baby boomers.” Soldiers came home from the war, and there was a population explosion in the United States. I happened to be one of those babies born that…

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What you see is what you get!!!

Those of you who know me or have read my books know that I have no problem telling you how I feel about something, but I never force my beliefs or opinions onto anyone. If you choose to read my writings…that’s great, but if…

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Walk in my Shoes Today

No person knows what I’ve experienced in life but me. I’ve had a wonderful life, a full life, and a life of joy! Growing up in a pastor’s home was not always easy and fun. In elementary school, many of the children teased and…

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Why do I write?

Little did I realize how writing would change my life. To date, I have written five faith-based novels and have started a sixth one—Hope Returns, Terror on Waxhaw Creek, Fireflies on Waxhaw Creek, Family Secrets, and Unfailing Love. With God’s help, I’ve tried to turn my situation into a positive thing…basically, I’ve turned “my lemons into lemonade.” I’m now 72 years old and deal with many health issues, but God’s grace has brought me through this valley. I not only write, I research genealogy, and I constantly keep a puzzle book near me or my Kindle working all types of puzzles. Staying busy is the best therapy in the world.

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