All Nature Sings

Sometimes nature seems to have more sense than a lot of people have. We have a bluebird box in our backyard, and we watch in fascination as the momma and daddy birds watch over those tiny little eggs until the babies are born. Then, they guard them better than some humans take care of their children. They remind me of a prison guard as they protect their little ones.

Lets talk about the mockingbird. They WILL flog you if you get to close to their nest. If my husband or I even walk under the tree where their nest is, they go ballistic. We’ve never had one to flog us, but we don’t give them a chance. I was flogged by a rooster when I was about two years old, and I’m still scared of feathered friends. I remember the day I drove my bicycle between a mother hen and her biddies to separate them. I had to take off like a bullet to get away from her…I knew she would flog me like that rooster did. The truth is…I was a mischievous little girl and didn’t like animals with feathers. I probably would have a heart attack if one were to jump on me.

And have you noticed the twigs on the ground under your big oak trees? Well, that’s because of the squirrels. They literally prune the trees in our yard; whether it be to sharpen their razor-edged teeth or prune the limbs so the tree will produce more acorns…I don’t know. Whatever the case, they have been blessed with that instinct. Where did it come from? As a Christian, I know that God created all things even down to the tiniest details.

God chose to create mankind in His own image with a freewill and a soul. These little animals that God created are very smart and necessary, but they lack one thing that we as humans have…a soul. Yet, they were gifted with instincts that human seem to lack. There is a empty void in every human being that only God, the Creator, can fill.

Yes…these animals have “smarts” that some humanity doesn’t have. That’s why this world is in such a mess. We see humans killing humans, parents abusing their children, abortions, and people refusing to work. A lot of humans expect the surrounding world to take care of them and feed them. Yes…we are in a big mess and humans don’t even have natural instincts like animal have.

Only God can help us.

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