What’s Really Important ???

Fall has left us and winter is here. The blanket of leaves in my yard have been blown, piled up, and burned. No longer do they cover the earth as if to keep the ground warm for the coming cold weather.  I watched my husband as he diligently piled the dead leaves in heaps and prepared to burn them a few weeks ago. Isn’t that just like our lives? Yes, things that were once beautiful in our lives become less important and fall away just like those autumn leaves. Before we know it, those really important things in our lives are things of the past and are tucked away in our memory bank   forever.

As I have grown older, I have come to realize just what’s important in life…Jesus, family, and friends. I spent my entire young adult life wrapped up in the organizations of the church…music, mission organizations, and Sunday School teaching. Now my life has slowed down, and most of those things are only distant memories. As I ponder those things my life was so controlled by, I realize I didn’t do all of those activities for the right reasons. I have to admit that many times I did them because it was expected of me, and much of it was done for self-gratification and not for the Lord. It’s taken me a lifetime to come to grips with that realization. I can’t go back and change things, so I will press on in the name of Jesus doing what He wants me to do. Age has slowed me down so much, but I know in my heart that  God’s not finished with me. I have self-published five faith-based novels and am working on the sixth book. All of my writing centers around Christ and His unfailing love for mankind. Scripture tells us in “Little Is Much When God Is In It.” So, I will continue to bloom where I’m planted…writing and blogging. 

Brothers, I count not myself to have apprehended: but this one thing I do, forgetting those things that are behind, and reaching forth to those things that are before…Philippians 3:13.

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