Family Secrets

Brief synopsis of my faith-based Novel, Family Secrets

Faith Simpson, a New York Police Department detective, grew up in North Carolina and was summoned back to her little hometown of Mint Hill for the reading of her great-aunt’s will and to settle her estate. Faith’s parents were tragically killed in a car accident when she was a child. Because there were no living relatives other than her great-aunt, she went to live with her at O’Gallagher Estate in the little town of Mint Hill. There she experienced isolation, mental abuse, and loneliness. Her only contact with the outside world was her friends at school. Because of the stipulations and demands of the will, Faith was forced to resign her position as a police officer and remain at her Aunt Irma’s huge estate. The entire storyline revolves around a secret her parents and her great-aunt hid from her. That skeleton in Faith’s closet involved her true parentage, a murder, and years of deceit and greed. Her quest for the truth took her across the Atlantic Ocean to Ireland to unravel the mystery of her life. Through Forrest Strongbow, a handsome young Native American man, and other friends, she was able to confront her problems. As a result, her faith in God was renewed and strengthened.

Secrets BookCoverImage

  • Available on today October 23-October 31 for $.99 (Kindle Version)





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