He still calms storms!

All of North and South Carolina is hunkered down for the upcoming hurricane…lest we forget the past…Hugo and Hazel. Our beautiful states were blasted with winds, tornados, and rain like we had never seen before. It was like being trapped in a cage with destruction taking place all around us. We might compare those storms to the Blitz when the Germans bombed Britain in the 1940s.

High winds blew the windows out of our new home in Monroe…wrecking havoc on our furniture, my organ, and my piano. Sheet music and books I had collected over my lifetime were being drenched with water as I stood helpless watching the rain soak our beautiful new hardwood floors and our furniture. The curtains were standing straight out from the wall because of the wind. Hoyle finally was able to tiptoe through the broken glass and rescue my music, but the organ and piano could not be moved.

Our little family, Hoyle, Lori, Julie and me, found a safe haven in the hallway. We rode the storm out until dawn. We could hear destruction taking place all around us as we were hunkered down that night. When we were able to go outside, we realized our neighbor’s detached garage was missing. They lived across the road’s from us, and that building had been totally demolished… no sign of it anywhere in their yard as we looked out across the road. It was gone! We soon discovered it had been blown to bits by a spin-off tornado and carried on the wings of the wind to the creek bed below our house. It had bypassed our home by only inches. God protected us that night!

I remember, as a little girl, experiencing the effect of Hurricane Hazel. She brought high winds and a ton of rain where we lived in the Charlotte area…rain, rain, and more rain.

As fear consumes us during the next few day, may we remember who’s in control. During His time on earth, Jesus calmed the storms and stilled the waters of the seas. He’s still in control. Remember the words He spoke to His disciples, “Why are ye afraid, O ye of little faith?” And he rebuked the winds and the sea; and there was a great calm.”

And He’s still in control today…never forget that! He still calms our storms, and He is the “Master of the Sea!”


“Peace Be Still”



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