What you see is what you get!!!


Those of you who know me or have read my books know that I have no problem telling you how I feel about something, but I never force my beliefs or opinions onto anyone. If you choose to read my writings…that’s great, but if you choose not to read them…that’s okay, too. Many, many years ago, during a heated discussion, I attempted to force my beliefs on someone, and it just didn’t work out at all. I decided to never do that again. So, I simply don’t argue faith or politics anymore.

Oftentimes, discussions will take place, and I find myself in situations that go against what I believe or what I accept as true. I’m thankful that I live in a country where I can express myself freely, but still, I only tell someone my views if I’m asked or drawn into the conversation. It’s just not my nature to bulldoze myself into a dialog without first being asked. When I do speak, be prepared for what I have to say. I have had situations when a person or persons confronted me on a one on one basis…in particular, on the telephone. Now that a different story. If that happens, the person calling me must be prepared for my response. I’m passionate about what I believe, and since I’m 72-years-old…I think I’ve earned the right to say exactly what I want to say. If it’s about faith, I know what I believe to be true, because I have access to the Bible, God written Word. I have confidence in my beliefs; they are always Bible-based…even my views on politics. If a belief or a political view doesn’t line up with Scripture…then I don’t accept it. Period! No questions asked.

If it’s about politics—well, that’s a different story. If a candidate’s beliefs contradict or defy scripture…I simply can’t vote for him or her. That’s my right. Politics and faith always overlap. I will discuss scripture more freely than political issues. I’ve seen politics destroy friendships and even cause trouble in marriages, and it’s simply not worth the consequences.

Now, when it comes to my books, I definitely express my Christian beliefs in my writing, but I dare not include political issues in my novels. I’m not a student of political science or government, but I know what’s right and wrong—whether it be a moral situation or a government situation. Like I said, those two always seem to overlap.

As I develop the characters for my books, my philosophy and viewpoints automatically spill over into their personalities. You might even feel like you are talking to me and listening to me speak as my characters express themselves. I’m just a spunky, little old lady enjoying life by writing and learning how to blog. Since I’ve started writing and blogging, I’ve found that I have opened myself up to the world for criticism and disapproval. That being said, I again stress that I’m just what I am…and can’t be anything different. So, what you see is what you get! Some of my characters are scoundrels, yet some are mighty good people. So, I will press on, writing in my little world of make-believe…southern stories that become real as you read them.

2 thoughts on “What you see is what you get!!!

  1. Carolyn
    Your books are delightful. I always make sure I have time to read the book in its entirety as I can’t put it down Unfailing Love has become my favorite over Hope Returns. For those who haven’t read your latest, I’ll just say, get your Kleenex ready and perhaps a sweater as it gave me chills.
    Thank you for your entertaining words.
    Judy Whitley

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